Meet Jasper and fall in Love
Leave your frenzy at the gate.

Jasper Love

the familyMeet Jasper and his bonded buddy, Bella. Jasper is the chocolate Lab, and Bella is the yellow. We rescued this pair and seek your help in restoring them to full canine capacity.

Read Jasper's backstory here.

You can follow Jasper's progress at blog link

How can you help?

You can help with gifts of prepayments to Jasper’s veterinary account. Phone Boone Veterinary Hospital at 515-432-4601; whoever answers the phone can put funds into Jasper’s account (under the name of Adams and Bonfils) using your credit or debit card. 

Mail a check to Boone Veterinary Hospital, 2507 Eastgate Drive, Boone IA 50036, with “Jasper Adams/Bonfils” on the memo line. 

Boone Veterinary Hospital will track deposits but not donors; I’ll only know you did this if you tell me, and please do!

Uncomfortable, yes? Me too. I don’t like asking people for money, but it’s for Jasper. Maybe you can’t help now but could later on. Maybe you know a dog-lover who’d be glad to chip in. Please help as best you can, when you can, for Jasper.

leash Meantime, come take a walk with us and get to know this bright and happy (though ailing) boy and sweet Bella too.

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