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Leave your frenzy at the gate.


Nan Bonfils and Don Adams created Centering Porch LLC, in 2012, as part of Full Circle Farm. Full Circle’s deep family roots reach back to 1943. “Although the farm is perpetually changing, stewardship is still our defining value.”

“We have cultivated a deep affection for the Earth here and been blessed with great solace. We open our gate to farmhouse hospitality in nature’s sanctuary.”

Leave your frenzy at the gate.

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Centering Porch
1571 P Ave. Madrid IA 50156
just south of Ledges State Park
Phone: 515-230-6239


For gentle musings, blessing bowls, expanded stories, and Jasper Love updates...


Other nearby places to explore:

• Ledges State Park, adjacent

• Iowa Wildlife Center, just down the road

• Iowa Arboretum, 4 miles

• High Trestle Trail, 12 miles

Centering Porch is 10 miles south of Boone, 12 miles north of Madrid, and 18 miles west of Ames in rural Boone County, Iowa.

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Centering Porch is an affiliate of
Quiet Garden Trust International

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