Healing Energy for Animals
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Heart Centered Healing

Tobey the dogA heart-centered healer radiates vitality and energy that can restore balance and promote wellness. Welcome to Healing Energy for Animals and their People (HEA).
Healing touch, essential oils, and tuning forks form the core of my HEA practices. I use these non-invasive therapies to energize the body’s own natural capacity to heal. When your pet or livestock is ailing, Healing Energy for Animals [HEA] can promote the balance your animal needs to restore health.

HEA is a house call service. I come to your home or barn to treat your animal where you are both most comfortable.

An excellent complement to veterinary care, HEA is especially effective for:
• pre and post surgery
• wounds and injuries
• chronic disease pain
• behavioral change
• euthanasia preparation

Nan Bonfils, your Centering Porch host, is a level 3 HTA (Healing Touch for Animals®) practitioner.
Nan says, “Since 2008 I have been discovering the benefits of healing energy for many species in my immediate farm family and surrounding community. I serve with mindfulness, compassion and humility.”

"Please contact me by phone or email to talk about how I may help you and your animal."

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